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No2crimes is a non-profit association that works with crime prevention efforts.
The founder Maher Turkie has lived as a criminal most of his life. After several years of experience from organized crime, Maher has created an empirically proven concept that guides the individual away from the criminal everyday life.


  • We have chosen to be at schools, among the students to provide support and motivation.
  • We hold lectures on social media in a preventative manner so that everyone can take their responsibility. and prevent anyone from taking the wrong path.
  • We have night walkers.
  • We have a hotline phone that is there for everyone regardless of gender and age.
  • We work with vulnerable women, where we meet and offer supporttalks.
  • We want to work as a contact person for Institutions-placed and inmates within the correctional services.
  • We want security hosts in vulnerable areas in cooperation with security companies.
  • We want activities for young people and parents.
  • Our goal is to reduce crime by 20%.
  • Increase security in society.
  • We want school results to improve.

What we want is to improve school results and reduce crime by 20%

Crime prevention lectures

An important part of our work is to educate and increase the awareness of people that a criminal path is never profitable.
We believe that an important part of making society safer is to increase the consciousness of people before committing the crime. Therefore, we offer lectures at schools, treatment centers and youth institutions.

Crime prevention among young people

Another important part of our work is to prevent crime by meeting young people in the city, leisure centers and vulnerable areas to guide them right. We also make this part ideal for our leisure time – for a safer society. Many times, only the right person is needed for the youth to counteract a crime in the future.

Guidance & Contact

For those of you who need help and do not know who to turn to, we offer guidance. You get this guidance from people with the right background and experience. We can help you contact the right authority or helpcenter to be able to finish the criminal career in a smooth way. The right contact – for the right purpose.


We hold lectures throughout Sweden and at various schools, institutions and nursing homes.


Active crime prevention

In cases where we become aware of a planned or ongoing crime, we can enter into criminal proceedings and catch up with the criminal in order to reverse the person’s mindset.


Action plan

In cases where the person in question wants to get away from the criminal life, we together with the individual can make an action plan to get a better opportunity to change their life.

Guidance and Contact

In many cases, one wants to break away from a criminal environment but do not know how.
There, we at No2Crimes can go in and guide the person with the right contacts and authorities, for the right purpose.


Support for related and crime victims

An important part of our work is to increase the consciousness of man and that a criminal path is never profitable. Therefore, we offer support and both related and crime victims.

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Västra Kanalgatan 1, 211 41 Malmö, Sweden


Monday to Friday 08.00 – 18.00

Call us +46721797000

Email us: contact@no2crimes.com